Created at the aftermath of the 9/11 event
at the initiative of the Commissioner of NYC-DEP


International Association of Water & Wastewater Utilities for Sustainable Water Security

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The W-SMART Association was originated at the aftermath of 9/11 under the leadership of the Commissioner of New York City Department of Environmental Protection. It involves private and public metropolitan water and wastewater utilities from Europe, North America, and Israel.

Its goal is to create an international experience sharing forum and promote collaboration among the member-utilities for upgrading their capabilities to ensure sustainable water safety and security with regard to terrorism, industrial and natural disasters.


Crisis Management Training
  • Crisis Management Exercises with W-SMART members as observers for exercises conducted by their Peers. Read More
  • Post-exercise Workshops for experience sharing Read More
  • Technical Support for planning & execution of Crisis Management Exercises. Read More
  • Expert Review and Development of corporate guidelines for planning, execution, debriefing and performance assessment of crisis management exercises Read More
  • Metropolitan partnership for crisis management capacity building with CIOR, local governments and industry Read More

Global Solidarity Initiatives
To support capacity building of local governments in vulnerable developing countries.
  • Haiti, City of Carrefour. Post disaster recovery. Read More
  • Maputo. Sustainable Sanitation Initiative in partnership with IWA. Read More
  • Civil Society Initiative. promoting cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli cities. Read More
  • East Mediterranean Coastal Eco-Security, UNESCO-IHP Hydro-Diplomacy Initiative Read More

W-SMART Research & Demonstration Center
RD Strategic Partnership of W-SMART, CEA (French Commission of Atomic Energy), KWR Research Institute and the University of Lille for Technology Assessment and Innovative Solutions to emerging challenges of the Water Industry. Read More
  • INCOM. Intelligent Network Control & Monitoring System for Anomaly Diagnostics and Leak Detection. Read More
  • Bio-SMART. Bio-Safety Monitoring & pro-Active Risk conTrol for early detection of biocontamination. Read More
  • SUNRISE. Smart Urban Networks for Resilient Infrastructure & Sustainable Ecosystems. Read More
  • SW4EU. SmartWater4EUrope. Read More
Corporate Members
Strategic Partners
Board of Directors

Bruno Nguyen

Vice President
Denis Penouel
SIAAP (France)

Vice President for North America
John P Sullivan
Boston Water & Sewage Commission (USA)

Vice President
Jacques Deveze
Former High Commissioner of Defense (France)

Secretary General
Conceição Soares Almeida
EPAL (Portugal)

Executive Director
Prof. Ilan Juran
NYU Urban Infrastructure Institute (USA)

  1. Crisis Management Training

    Crisis Management Training
    • City of Sidney, Friday October 14 - Crisis Management Exercice with W-Smart members as Expert Observer Read More
    • W-Smart participates in CIOR Symposium Read More
    • Metropolitan partnership with CIOR for crisis management capacity building Read More
  2. Global Solidarity Initiatives

    Global Solidarity Initiatives
    • W-Smart becomes an official consultative partner of UNESCO Read More
    • East Mediterranean Coastal Eco-Security – UNESCO Initiative Read More
  3. Research & Demonstration Center

    SW4EU – EU FP7 project

    Demonstrating innovative Smart Water Network (SWN) for sustainable water supply, reliable quality control, energy optimization and improved customers' interaction Read More

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  4. Workshops / Events / Surveys

    Upcoming Events
    • Urban-Resiliency & Crisis Management - Oct. 14 & 15 2016 | Read More
    • IWA Water Congress - Oct. 9-14, 2016 | Read More

    Past Events
    • Water Eco-Security 2015 - Dec. 3-5, 2015 | Proceedings
    • Water, Mega Cities And Global Change - Dec. 1-4, 2015 | Proceedings